MEFKON Service

All our products have a modular design which uses moving parts as little as possible. Moreover, our products are constructed based on preventive maintenance principles, allowing for remote monitoring and warly warning systems.

Spare parts provision for all types of existing preheating / drying systems

Heat shield repair and training of heat shield repair

Maintenance / Repair services for ladle and tundish preheater / drier

Commissioning service for ladle and tundish preheater / drier

Commissioning service for COB lances

Efficiency analysis of existing preheating / drying systems

Exchange of program controller, burner control device, temperature control to equipment state of the art

Personell training on all types of preheating / drying systems


your system

The main aspect for a retrofit is to optimise the existing systems in terms of energy and gas saving, the reduction of emissions and the adjustment on the latest standards and safety requirements for industrial heating systems.

By using the state of the art technology, fault analyses can be carried out more efficiently and maintenance times can be shortened in order to save costs.

Gas saving of up to 50%

due to the use oxygen burner system

Energy saving of up to 80%

due to the use of frequency controlled blowers

Zero emission

due to additonal oxyigen injection & post-combustion chamber

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